Kryptview Advisor Spotlight: Adrien Hubert, Blockchain Innovator

Inside the genius of the latest addition to our advisory board


Kryptview is the site of convergence for knowledge and precision. We have scoured the ranks of leading blockchain projects to seek collaboration with the most promising voices in the sector.

We are proud to onboard Adrien Hubert, Co-Founder, and COO of Smartchain. Adrien has enjoyed an exciting career in fintech innovation, before diving into the blockchain industry, and his technical expertise complements our goals at Kryptview.

About Adrien

Adrien Hubert first came across blockchain technology while researching the future of currencies for a 2015 university dissertation. Driven to innovate and enamored by the prospects of decentralizing central banking, Hubert embarked on a journey of exploring the possibilities of creating applications on the blockchain, first as a Project Leader with the French Caisse des Dépôts.

He then worked on blockchain development at Natixis, followed by his time at a joint venture of Santander and PSA Bank for innovative projects. He has since been a strong proponent of a tectonic sectoral shift of businesses to the blockchain.

He is now the Co-Founder and CFO of Smartchain, a French firm that enables blockchain adaptability, R&D, and business development for its clientele. Smartchain powers digital transformations of businesses. Some of their partners include Ernst & Young, Ekino, and Havas Blockchain.

When asked about Kryptview, Adrien said:

 ‘From how I see it, transparency is one of the primary strengths of blockchain technology. Kryptview is leveraging blockchain technology and collective intelligence to bridge the trust gaps within the broader cryptocurrency industry, which makes it an exciting proposition. I’m thrilled to be a part of their development journey.’


As we build the world’s first research-to-earn digital platform for crypto, we’re getting noticed by some of the most prominent names in the fintech and blockchain industry. Adrien’s cutting-edge expertise and commitment to the decentralization of finance are inseparable from our vision of community-driven research. We hope to derive strength and immense knowledge from our shared values.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims at helping crypto users share their research on tokens on a single platform. Its platform gathers insights from contributors all around the globe and has them validated by the community. Finally, Kryptview designed mechanisms to reward all contributors and validators for their work. Learn more about Kryptview in a nutshell!

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