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Kryptview Advisor Spotlight: JC Bohin

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    Our latest special advisor, a pioneer of the startup ecosystem

    The Kryptview ship is steadily setting sail. Our vision is to empower a global community of crypto enthusiasts to generate rankings and ratings for crypto projects around the world. This vision is premised on specialized inputs from leaders across diverse industries. The latest leader to join our ranks as a Special Advisor is Jean-Christophe Bohin.

    Jean-Christophe Bohin ‘JC’: Entrepreneurial pioneer

    JC’s expertise has powered the business development of countless startups and initiatives. He co-founded three startups across multiple sectors before creating Product Studio Matters, an incubator that looks after business development, product development, and associated services for established firms and early-stage startups. Their portfolio includes global tech giant Apple as well as Askeet and Teamstarter.

    JC also helped in building a Tech4Good accelerator, where he still actively supports startups and new projects in their scalability and impact as an advisor on their boards. He is a founding partner at an entrepreneur-focused smart-money fund that provides seed and early-stage ventures with support.

    JC also co-founded Cardashift, an impact ventures accelerator and launchpad that drives forward implementation of the SDGs to debug the world. His educational background is in engineering and computer science.

    One-on-one with JC

    Why is this project important for the crypto ecosystem?

    There are still a few roadblocks and problems that prevent Web 3.0 and crypto from “crossing the chasm” i.e. mainstream adoption and confidence. With Web 3.0 and its ecosystem, we are building important stepping stones for the future, but we need to bridge some gaps for mass adoption and everyday usability.

    That’s what Kryptview does. It lays a new norm in terms of trust, accountability, collective research, and transparency. Kryptview will also be a real game-changer to gain the trust of traditional finance.

    What motivated you to become a part of Kryptview?

    We are building a new decentralized, transparent and open future with Web 3.0. I’m a strong believer that we still have a lot of work to do to “merge” both worlds, and change (in a good and virtuous way) the way both ecosystems live in their own “corners”.

    Kryptview shares this view and proposes an ingenious way to add value to the crypto ecosystem while offering reassuring grounds for non-crypto experts.

    If you have to indicate the most important factor in Kryptview’s success, what would that be?

    The two main pillars of future success for Kryptview are the team and the vision.

    1. The founders have a strong background in finance and a profound understanding of crypto-money specifics and habits. They are result-driven, passionate, and have strong core values.
    2. They share and push a vision that embodies something that is really needed and is likely to become a game-changer, while still being viable and offering a real value proposition, with incentives for all the involved parties.

    I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of this ecosystem-changing journey, and I can’t wait for the next steps! It’s also a wonderful opportunity for the community to be part of this adventure!

    About Kryptview

    Kryptview aims at helping crypto users share their research on tokens on a single platform. Its platform gathers insights from contributors all around the globe and has them validated by the community. Finally, Kryptview designed mechanisms to reward all contributors and validators for their work.

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