Kryptview Bitpanda Pro partnership Research Week

Bitpanda Pro joins the Kryptview adventure!

Because purchasing crypto shouldn’t go without a prior thorough due diligence process, Bitpanda Pro partners up with Kryptview on the Kryptview x Bitpanda Pro Research Week!


Kryptview x Bitpanda Pro Research Week

 Kryptview is the first decentralized crypto-scoring platform. Bitpanda Pro is an advanced European trading platform and digital asset exchange for experienced traders. Use the first one to simplify your research on tokens; and use the second one for your trades once your decision is made!

Only until Thursday, February 16th 1pm UTC, create your account on the Bitpanda Pro app and participate in the Kryptview Research-to-Earn to:

  • win a 3-months 0 trading fee privilege on Bitpanda Pro and
  • qualify for a giveaway of a total value of USDC 1000! 50 active Kryptview contributors will be randomly selected and earn a 20 USDC airdrop each. 

How to participate?

The rewards will only be accessible to users registered on both the Kryptview and Bitpanda Pro apps, so make sure to use the same email address!

1. Create your Bitpanda Pro account

2. Create your Kryptview account

3. Contribute to the Kryptview platform to qualify for the giveaway.

That’s it. You already won 3 months of trading with 0 fees and qualified for your share of 1000 USDC!

Want to increase your chances at the giveaway? Score at least 1000 XP during the Kryptview x Bitpanda Pro Research Week and double your chances at the random draw! Here is a little guide on how to score XP on the Kryptview app.



Terms & Conditions


The Kryptview x Bitpanda Pro DYOR week will take place between February 9th 1pm UTC and February 16th 1pm UTC.


Conditions of eligibility are described as follows:

  • the email address must be linked to an account generating XP on the Kryptview app during the operation.
  • the email address must be linked to accounts on Bitpanda Pro and on Kryptview. If already a Bitpanda Pro user, the Kryptview account must be created with the referral code BITPANDAPRO2023.


All eligible email addresses automatically win a 3 months 0 trading fee privilege on their Bitpanda Pro account. All prizes will be available from February 23rd on.


Entries at the giveaway are granted as follows.

Be a Kryptview user and register on the Bitpanda Pro app, or be a Bitpanda Pro user and register to the Kryptview app with the referral code BITPANDAPRO2023 and:

  • generate XP on the Kryptview app during the operation = 1 entry
  • score at least 1000XP on the Kryptview app during the operation =1 extra entry

Winners of the giveaway will be randomly selected among eligible entries.

The random draw will take place between February 17th and February 23rd. 50 winners will be selected and receive a USDC 20 airdrop each, transferred directly to their corresponding Bitpanda Pro accounts.

All prizes will be available from February 23rd on.

Kryptview and Bitpand Pro reserve the right at any time, in their sole and absolute discretion, to modify these terms & conditions without notice, including, but not limited to, canceling, extending, terminating or suspending them.

Kryptview and Bitpanda Pro reserve the right of final interpretation of this campaign.