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Kryptview’s vision – a community-driven database for information on crypto

Discover the vision that brings us and our team together.


Blockchain technology and crypto have the potential to grant anyone the possibility to provide capital to new emerging projects. However, a healthy future for the space won’t be possible without making information on crypto assets clear, objective and available to anyone: that’s where Kryptview comes into play.

The dream: extracting the community consensus on crypto assets

The dream of creating a single, constantly evolving comprehensive and decentralized database of cryptocurrencies is what drives Kryptview. Our team is committed to the idea of mainstreaming collective knowledge as a means of informing the crypto community at large.

The boom of cryptocurrency has rightfully attracted millions of users, it has offered alternate avenues of investment for individuals, given languishing economies a lease of new life and opened a pandora’s box for tech exploration.

In the middle of these possibilities, is the absence of a faithful, transparent and comprehensive bridge of knowledge, where curiosity meets information. That is the Kryptview dream.

“We created Kryptview to bridge the gap between traditional finance – used to rigorous research and project analysis – and blockchain – used to decentralization and a more democratic approach. We believe that Kryptview takes the best of both worlds to fundamentally disrupt asset research.”

– Samy Nadi, Co-founder of Kryptview.

The solution: the platform leveraging collective intelligence

To create a platform that offers rigorous analysis on crypto tokens also needs the power of community, their experience with it and the larger consumer insight. The communities are one of the primary driving forces behind any project and their collective intelligence and support help in bridging any information gaps for new investors.

Hence with Kryptview, peer-reviewed analysis is complemented by user feedback. With the help of time-tested frameworks used in traditional investing, we provide a holistic rating of a project by combining multiple data sources, community feedback, and its underlying architecture.

“We love blockchain and its potential. We love that entrepreneurs from all over the world can raise capital in minutes. The problem is that we are too often drowned in promoters/shillers’ noise and serious groups are fragmented and hard to find. Kryptview is the answer to that: a platform that brings everyone together, as a team, and rewards them for sharing!”

–  Floran Sarrano, Co-founder of Kryptview.

The platform also rewards regular users with tokens and ranks. We hope to encourage more knowledge sharing over a singular platform, all geared towards assisting more informed decision-making for crypto investors.

We have also curated the platform to give exposure to smaller and up-and-coming projects, via promotions and community reviews.

We are powering fidelity with cryptocurrency through Kryptview. In a digital world where the scalability, legality and potential of projects reside in an extremely technical faff, we hope to break down the intimidating language around crypto, make it more digestible, accessible and transparent for the larger community.

We’d like you to be a part of our journey, as we go forward.

About Kryptview

Kryptview is a data platform dedicated to community research and insight sharing on tokens and cryptos. It uses a peer-to-peer model and blockchain mechanisms to reward users for generating rigorous fundamental analysis on cryptos. This data is automatically structured, reviewed by the community, and shared with all Kryptview users for better decision-making.

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