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How to earn XP on the Kryptview app?

How to score and earn XP on Kryptview
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    Kryptview is the first decentralized token-scoring platform. The DYOR is gamified thanks to Research-to-Earn, enabling contributors to get rewarded for their work.

    There are 3 ways to earn experience points (XP) on the Kryptview app.


    Any contributor can analyze a token using Kryptview’s Scoring Wizard, an interactive scoring form allowing users to conduct in-depth due diligence on any project! It encompasses the maximum fundamental aspects while limiting free text and subjective opinions. You earn XP when submitting a scoring, and if it gets validated, you earn even more XP!


    All scorings submitted on the platform need to be peer-reviewed by the community. Only if validated by the majority of reviewers, the scoring will be published and taken into account in the community consensus. By predicting the correct outcome of a community review, you earn XP!


    You can list up to three virtual portfolios on the app. By posting or updating a portfolio, you generate XP. If your portfolio outperforms the market, you earn even more XP!

    Which one will you choose? Now test these out on the platform and qualify for weekly & season finale rewards along the way!

    Make sure to join the community to not to miss out on any future opportunity!

    Visit the app & follow us on our socials to stay informed about Kryptview!
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