Kryptview Advisor Spotlight: Paula Marra, Serial Entrepreneur

Paula is a long-standing advocate of sustainability projects and entrepreneurs, now a Kryptview board advisor.


Kryptview’s mission attracts a diverse set of experts from across the world as we build the long-needed database of community generated insights on tokens. We are proud to announce our newest board advisor, Paula Marra: an entrepreneurial genius and philanthropist.

Paula Marra: Sustainability & impact project supporter

Paula Marra is a serial entrepreneur, and she held several board positions in various organizations, including in Grupo Los Grobo. She co-founded Bioceres, a biotech company that provides crop productivity solutions and fosters transition to neutral Carbon Agriculture. Founded in Argentina in 2001, Bioceres is present in more than 39 countries and it is listed on NASDAQ (BIOX) with a current market cap of over $581 million.

She strongly advocates social inclusion and women empowerment. She is an active member of leading international NGOs. She also launched Matriarca and Warmi, a social development project, in collaboration with Women from indigenous and Creole communities in Latin America.

Paula is an Associate at Harvard Growth Lab. In addition to her commercial and philanthropic endeavors, she is also the owner of the Valle Arriba Vineyards, which regroups a palette of micro-terroirs at a high altitude in the Andes mountains, producing one of the world’s finest wines.

Why Kryptview?

“There is a strong need for a community platform that can foster an assessment of the Crypto environment. Kryptview will be key to promoting and strengthening the democratic practices involved in the exchange of quality information. Despite a highly competitive environment, the crew gathered around Kryptview are a blend of audacity, tenacity, scientific & methodical rigor, and are culturally diverse. Though they are new to the global entrepreneur community and management, they are hardcore on evaluating, assessing, and bringing transparency to crypto.”



With Paula’s leadership skills and her extensive work in the areas of social development and sustainability, we aim to strengthen Kryptview’s goal of building an ecosystem that strongly contributes to its community at large. Her belief in a collaborative approach, efficient resource management, and a strong focus on innovation and research are critical assets for us.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims at helping crypto users share their research on tokens on a single platform. Its platform gathers insights from contributors all around the globe and has them validated by the community. Finally, Kryptview designed mechanisms to reward all contributors and validators for their work.

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