Kryptview Advisor Spotlight: Philippe Rodriguez, Tech Startup Accelerator

One of blockchain’s most fervent advocates, now an important advisor for Kryptview’s vision.


Kryptview has set out the ambition to unify cryptocurrency’s knowledge on a singular platform that is driven by community feedback and leverages blockchain. Along with guaranteed rewards for community members and cutting-edge analysis, we are incorporating the most relevant voices into our project. One such leading visionary is our advisor Philippe Rodriguez.

Philippe Rodriguez: Tech Startup Accelerator, Blockchain & Crypto Advocate

Philippe Rodriguez is a Founding Managing Partner at Avolta Partners, a well-known M&A boutique for tech companies that was created 9 years ago.

Throughout his career, he has developed a true passion for technology as a strong enabler for consumers & organizations.

Philippe is in particular a strong advocate for blockchain & cryptocurrency. He was the President of the French Bitcoin Association from 2014 to 2017 and is the author of La Révolution Blockchain published by Dunod (Hachette).

He has a strong track record in raising capital and m&a deal making. He previously founded Mixcommerce, a provider of online branding services later sold to La Poste. He previously was a director at Microsoft.

Why Kryptview?

“Kryptview lies at the heart of what matters to me and puts in place decentralization capabilities that will benefit young talents, rewarding them for their research… It can only succeed as its founders are very focused, and very much educated with all these new decentralized community-based usages”



With Phil’s expertise, we aim to extrapolate the most optimal market conditions and partnerships for the growth and expansion of Kryptview. We also welcome his commitment to decentralization and the blockchain movement.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims to build a community-generated reservoir of data on cryptocurrency projects. Via analytical frameworks that produce a uniform rating system, Kryptview aims at collectivizing information about tokens and projects across all blockchains. The platform drives community feedback via a structured incentive system that rewards research-sharing.

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