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Kryptview: Alpha 2.0 — Prize pool of USD15,000 and insane rewards!

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    Become a Kryptview Alpha 2.0 tester and qualify for a prize pool of USD15,000 in KVTs and many other in-real-life rewards! Discover our Terms & Conditions below!

    Current and future legendary crypto-researchers, SAVE THE DATE for the Alpha 2.0 testing phase of the Kryptview platform!

    START: June 28, 2022 – 6pm UTC

    END: July 8, 2022 – 6pm UTC

    Become a Kryptviewer and try your luck at winning one of our insane prizes!


    Because collective responsibility and impact are at the heart of Kryptview’s proposition, we decided to set up an incremental prize pool for the Alpha 2.0, indexed to the number of participants. What does that mean?

    That means the more active users, the greater the reward pool… up to a total value of USD22,500!

    Some prizes will be accessible only to users reaching a certain rank (see Ranking System section below for more info). Each tier, when unlocked, will incrementally grant the rewards of the previous one PLUS the following:

    100 users

    • USD15,000 worth of Krytpview Tokens (KVT). See KVT Allocations section below for more info.
    • WhiteList spots for our Flash Sale for all users who are Platinum and above.
    • An NFT granting lifetime access to our platform for the top 10 contributors.

    250+ users

    • 20 Kryptview T-shirts randomly distributed amongst users who are Platinum and above.

    500+ users

    • 10 additional Kryptview T-shirts randomly distributed amongst users who are Platinum and above.
    • 2 Oculus Quest 2 randomly distributed amongst users who are Master and above

    1,000+ users

    • 10 additional Kryptview T-shirts randomly distributed amongst users who are Platinum and above.
    • 1 iPad Air gifted to one randomly chosen amongst users who are Master and above.

    2,000+ users

    • 10 additional Kryptview T-shirts randomly distributed amongst users who are Platinum and above.
    • Hope your passports are in order because… 2 LUCKY WINNERS are gonna be sent to PARIS!! (randomly chosen amongst users who are Gold and above)

    So, you do know what’s left for you to do: join us and invite your friends to boost that prize pool up through the ceiling! It’s all on you now, future Kryptviewers!

    • 1st: USD3,000
    • 2nd: USD1,600
    • 3rd: USD1,100
    • 4th: USD800
    • 5th: USD500
    • 6th to 20th: USD200

    Additional USD5,000 will be distributed to 50 users randomly chosen among all active participants (see pre-requisites in the Reward Eligibility & Requirements section below), including the top 20 contributors. The tokens will be distributed 30 days after the TGE.

    Will you dare compete with our expert Alpha 1.0 champions?


    Each contribution on the platform yields experience points, converted into ranks. The final ranking will be published at the end of the Alpha 2.0 testing period. For more details about the Kryptview ranking system, please refer to our White Paper or even better, join our lovely community to connect and ask all your questions!

    Become a Kryptviewer and claim your place on that leaderboard!


    Discover new and thorough methodologies to strengthen your DYOR skills, and qualify for our massive incremental reward pool!


    Visit the app & follow us on our socials to stay informed about Kryptview!
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