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Kryptview Beta Testing Season 1 – Try our crypto-scoring app & earn amazing rewards!

Kryptview Beta first Research-to-Earn platform
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    After two successful Alphas and several months of extensive work, the first Research-to-Earn platform is now opening its Beta Testing season 1, with an insane reward pool of a total value of USD 16,500!

    Discover the Terms & Conditions below.


    Kryptview Beta Season 1 general infos


    START: October 24th – 1pm UTC

    : January 12th – 1pm UTC

    The Beta will be open to everyone without pre-registration. You’ll just need to connect to the app on D-Day! So make sure to save the date!

    The two Alphas were legendary… Will you dare compete with the defending champions?

    Beta season 1 reward pool

    Reward pool total value of USD 16,500

    The Beta season will last a bit more than 11 weeks, until January 12th. The prize pool will reward both the weekly top performers and the season’s active participants, with different prizes accessible to users reaching a certain rank. So even if you don’t end up at the very top of the final leaderboard, you’ve got your chances! Below is a breakdown of the Beta rewards.

    Beta weekly rewards

    Each week, starting from Thursday October 27th, USD 700 will be shared among the top 10 participants… AND a randomly selected contributor! That adds up to a total of USD 7,700 for the season!

    USD allocations for the top 10 contributors each week:

    • 1st: USDT 200
    • 2nd & 3rd: USDT 100
    • 4th & 5th: USDT 50
    • 6th to 10th: USDT 20

    Additonnally to the top 10, a random winner will be picked among the attendees of the weekly community AMA. He will have the possibility to choose between USD 100 and 20% chance to win an iPad. So, what shall be your choice?

    To be eligible, the random winner will need to have completed the following conditions:

    • score at least 1000XP on our platform during the week
    • engage on the dedicated Twitter post according to the instructed rules
    • participate in the weekly community AMA on Twitter Space.
    Best way not to miss anything: join the community now!

    Beta season final rewards

    The final Beta season prize pool will rise to a total value of USD 8,800 and reward both the top contributors and active platform users, randomly selected among the ones reaching certain ranks.

    Total of USD 5,400 for the top 10 contributors:

    • 1st: USDT 3,000
    • 2nd: USDT 1,000
    • 3rd: USDT 500
    • 4th and 5th: USDT 200
    • 6th to 10th: USDT 100

    Extra prizes for randomly selected winners, for a total value of c. USD 3,400:

    • 1 ETH – random draw among Master III contributors & above
    • 1 iPhone 14 – random draw for Master I contributors & above
    • 1 Oculus Quest 2 – random draw for Platinum I contributors & above
    • 1 iPad – random draw for Platinum I contributors & above
    • 4 Ledger – random draw for Gold III contributors & above.

    Beta rewards eligibility

    To be eligible to any reward, users will need to additionally fulfill the following conditions:

    Points & ranking

    Each contribution of good quality on the platform is rewarded by experience points (XP). By accumulating XP, contributors climb the ranks, which grants them a heavier weight in community votes during the peer-reviewing process, and… qualifies for even more rewards! Don’t hesitate to check our website for more information!

    So get ready, Kryptviewers! The community is already in the starting blocks!

    Now what?

    Save the date of October 24th to create your account and discover the Kryptview platformIn the meantime, join the community so you don’t miss the countdown!

    Visit the app & follow us on our socials to stay informed about Kryptview!
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