Kryptview Beta Season 1 successfully completed

Kryptview Beta Season 1 successfully completed!

The Kryptview Beta Season 1 took place from October 24th, 2022 to January 12th, 2023. On the platform, which is still live, contributors can share their findings while researching tokens, and readers can read the curated data, making use of transparent information to make their decisions as of which crypto to buy. Throwback to more than 11 weeks of intense Research-to-Earn kicking off the Kryptview Beta.

Platform readers and contributors benefitted from the 1st decentralized crypto-scoring platform, with 36% of them happily using the app every single day.

Contributors participated in the Research-to-Earn by bringing content to the platform. They:

Their participation was rewarded with great celebrations! Readers, for their part, could see at a glance how the community at large feels about a token.

Curation of collective intelligence serves everyone!

Kryptview is highly recommended by users!

We proudly achieved a Net Promoter Score of 8.2, with 73% of users being very likely to keep using the platform in the future!

They saluted the exhaustivity of the Scoring Wizard, the interactive form that helps anybody perform their research about a token and share it in a structured way. The Wizard thus enables any crypto user to contribute (after validation by peers) to the general score attributed by the platform to a crypto project. Using the Scoring Wizard was reported to greatly help strengthen users’ methodology.

The app was also considered an easy and efficient way to discover new tokens, and the community appreciated the availability and reactivity of the team.

Kryptviewers keep impressing!

Over the course of those 11 weeks, 7,128 unique tokens were covered by the scorings of the Kryptviewers – that’s 70% of the tokens listed on CoinMarketCap!

12,950 scorings were submitted – among which 10,819 validated – and 74,227 peer-reviews posted.

As a reward for their tremendous work, a total of 17,400 USD worth of prizes were distributed during the weekly community AMAs. These were shared across the best contributors of each week, as well as randomly selected active users.

Because Kryptview is a project that is continuously built by the community too, along with the team.

What’s next?

When there’s no more, there’s still more! The Season might be over, but the Beta is still ongoing. The platform is live… and so is the competition!

As a useful resource for hundreds of users every day to navigate the crypto space, we aim to keep increasing the volume of quality content available on the platform. So we won’t stop and want to offer the best crypto data repository available to anyone!

While the team is taking the time to fix some minor bugs reported throughout the Season 1, as well as bring permanent improvement to the UX, we are currently working on some major improvements. Great news are on their way… Join the community to make sure you don’t miss out on the exciting announcements!

And while we’re all looking forward to Season 2… the weekly rewards are still on! Every week the top 20 contributors as well as 2 randomly selected users among active contributors are rewarded for their participation in the Research-to-Earn!

So don’t lose time: DYOR, Share, and Earn with Kryptview!

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