Introducing Kryptview - Collective intelligence platform for blockchain crypto tokens

Introducing Kryptview – Collective intelligence platform for crypto tokens

Ever felt like having a platform with finally clear, comprehensible and transparent the information about cryptos? Kryptview simplifies how we interact with the ocean of crypto coins and tokens.


 We’re thrilled to bring Kryptview to the world, the first decentralized crypto-scoring app! We leverage collective intelligence to create a virtual directory of digital assets. Kryptview simplifies and structures the analysis of token metrics via a uniform scoring process, peer reviewing, and a reward structure called Research-to-Earn.

The Problem

The current paradigm of cryptocurrencies is attractive; the industry is growing at a mammoth scale, drawing the eyes of global businesses as it skyrockets. However, it is fragmented, comes with a difficult learning curve, and the research process is complex because of the variety of sources of information.

The current crypto market also lacks transparency, leaving users across the world susceptible to scams and frauds. Information about these tokens is spread across various platforms such as social networks, influencer pages and chat groups. These platforms are not adapted, do not structure data and do not reward it. This leads to data loss and subjective recommendations (as the payers for this information are often the token teams).

With Kryptview, users can access essential data on tokens, form a community around reviewing and contributing research/insights on these assets, while getting rewarded in the process.

Let’s dig into it.

Collective intelligence leveraged

Kryptview enables contributors to share their analysis of a project using a framework inspired from professional standards.

This structured analysis creates an all-round scoring for a given digital asset, that is then submitted to the community’s validation, providing a dynamic, holistic and community-driven consensus over any project.

Kryptview’s Scoring Wizard covers the 6 fundamental blocks of a project:

  • Team and advisors
  • The project
  • The traction and community
  • The token
  • The ecosystem and competition
  • The sustainability (social and environmental responsibility) of the project

Collective intelligence rewarded

Users who contribute in a qualitative way to the app content (either by submitting scorings or by reviewing other users’ scorings) are rewarded with experience points. In turn, these points are locked to a ranking structure that entitles users to exclusive perks and incentives as they climb the ladder. The higher a user ranks on the platform, the higher the weigh of his contributions will be relatively to the community. This enables to ensure the quality of the data published and taken into account in the community consensus. Additionally, contributors get rewarded weekly with the platform’s token $KVT depending on their activity on the platform.

The Token

$KVT is the native token for Kryptview. It is used to get access to the platform and is allocated to users for sharing or reviewing/validating research on the platform.

We aim at making the user journey easier and safer for the everyday crypto enthusiast as well as the new entrant. We provide access to the first unified and structured collective intelligence pool, backed with real-time data. By bringing all information about tokens (both real-time and community-generated) within one ecosystem, Kryptview acts as a one-stop shop for crypto buyers.

About Kryptview

Kryptview is a data platform dedicated to community research and insight sharing on tokens and cryptos. It uses a peer-to-peer model and blockchain mechanisms to reward users for generating rigorous fundamental analysis on cryptos. This data is automatically structured, reviewed by the community, and shared with all Kryptview users for better decision-making. Learn more about Kryptview in a nutshell!

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