Kryptview enters hibernation

Kryptview enters hibernation

Kryptview is the 1st decentralized crypto-scoring platform. Throughout the Beta, from October 24th 2022 to April 27th 2023, contributors generated scorings on more than 10,000 tokens. These scorings were validated thanks to peer-reviewing by the community, and all contributions rewarded thanks to Research-to-Earn. Altogether, contributors & readers alike, the app recorded a total of more than 1 million visits!

Winter is coming…

Despite such a successful Beta, the reality of the crypto space is harsh, and due to market conditions, Kryptview is entering hibernation as of May 2nd. Rewards for community contributions are suspended until further notice. However, scoring, reviewing & reading is still possible on the live platform!

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The crypto winter has come, Kryptview will reopen in the spring!