Rodmap update - Kryptview crypto-scoring platform

Kryptview Roadmap Update – 03/2022

Alpha/Beta testing, platform launch, and ICO. Here’s what to expect in the coming months, as we gear up for a busy year.


Kryptview aims to bridge the current information deficit in the cryptocurrency industry. Our dream is to bring transparency to digital assets. With dynamic statistics and community-backed knowledge generation, we want to empower the everyday crypto enthusiast with reliable information, backed by collective data.

To that end, it is essential that we give more visibility to our generous community on our latest developments as well as on our long-term vision. We aim to deliver our goals based on the timeline set below. Any changes to the same will be communicated to token holders and community members on a priority basis.

The journey so far: Q4 2021

We laid our foundation in the fourth quarter of 2021. We officially listed as a company and began the testing of our first prototype. Our team incorporated changes and rectifications on our product, on the basis of community and expert feedback. We received support from some of the most well-known names within the crypto industry. Additionally, we also rolled out the first pre-seed equity funding round.

What we are up to in Q1 2022

Kryptview underwent a complete branding overhaul. The year started with the launch of our new website and implementation of our new visual identity. We are wrapping up our pre-seed fundraising round, drawing interest from all across the industry into our platform.

The next phase of our roadmap includes:

  • Deployment of Kryptview smart contracts on the BNB Chain.
  • Release of Kryptview whitepaper version 1.0
  • Marketing activation for the public sale of $KVT tokens.
  • Launch of the alpha version of Kryptview.

The alpha version will showcase some of the core functionalities of Kryptview platform, including community research, portfolio model sharing, ranking, and reward models.

What’s to come: Q2 & Q3 2022

The second and third quarters of 2022 will be focused on execution, community growth and user engagement.

Some of the key events through the second quarter will involve:

  • Launch of our beta version: the Beta version will utilize data and feedback from the alpha launch and address any technical gaps in the platform.
  • $KVT token sale: the token sale will commence with a private round in the second quarter, followed by a public sale of the remaining allocated supply of $KVT tokens. Our team will list $KVT on multiple decentralized exchanges.
  • Roll out of new features: we will release new features such as auctions and portfolio monitoring for Kryptview platform users.

The third quarter of 2022 will be dedicated to the scaling and expansion of our platform and services.

  • Launch of the subscription model: Kryptview will expand its user base through a subscription model for its community members and new users, not holding $KVT tokens.
  • Marketing initiatives to boost user base: In addition to the subscription model, we plan to implement an ambitious marketing plan for acquiring users from the broader digital asset markets. Some of these initiatives will involve community contests, partnerships, and strategic outreach campaigns. Kryptview will also explore integrations with centralized exchanges.

The third quarter will further involve adding more features and services to our platform and building a larger core team for our project. We will move from early adoption to aggressive adoption strategies through this period.

What to expect next

As a part of our proactive communication strategy, we wish to keep our community informed of our movements. If you’re not part of Kryptview’s community yet, join our social channels today. We’re getting ready to share more details about the ICO launch date soon!

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims at helping crypto users share their research on tokens on a single platform. Its platform gathers insights from contributors all around the globe and has them validated by the community. Finally, Kryptview designed mechanisms to reward all contributors and validators for their work. Learn more about Kryptview in a nutshell!

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