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Kryptview x SwissBorg Crypto Quiz & Christmas Giveaway! – Try to win your share of $250!

Kryptview x SwissBorg Crypto Quiz & Christmas Giveaway
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    Kryptview & SwissBorg partner up for crypto education!

    Because we’re both convinced the crypto space needs more accessible educational resources and a smoother onboarding, SwissBorg and Kryptview are launching together the Crypto Quiz & Christmas Giveaway!

    Only until December 24th 1pm UTC, you can test your fundamental knowledge about crypto whilst qualifying for a giveaway of a total value of USD 250 in CHSB!

    How to participate?

    It’s easy! Take the Crypto Quiz and create your accounts on the SwissBorg and the Kryptview apps with the links shared with your results. Don’t worry if you get a few answers wrong! Everyone can still win!

    Want to increase your chances? Post at least a scoring on the Kryptview app before the end of the operation and double your chances at the random draw!

    Who doesn’t have those friends who wished they’d enter crypto but don’t know where to start? Share the quiz with them and let’s get them onboard with the proper tools to start the great crypto adventure…

    And to earn even more exciting prizes, don’t forget to check out the ongoing weekly and final season rewards of the Kryptview Beta!

    Terms & Conditions


    The Kryptview x SwissBorg Crypto Quiz & Christmas Giveaway will take place between December 14th 1pm UTC and December 24th 1pm UTC.


    All email addresses linked to an account registered on the Kryptview app with the referral link shared with the Crypto Quiz results during the operation are eligible. Also eligible are email addresses submitted with the form at the end of the Crypto Quiz and linked to an account on the Kryptview app.

    Giveaway entries

    Entries at the giveaway are granted as follows:

    • 1 entry = Hold an account the Kryptview app created with the referral link shared with the Crypto Quiz results during the operation OR hold an account on the Kryptview app and submit the corresponding email address at the end of the Crypto Quiz.
    Selection of giveaway winners and protection of personal data
    Winners of the giveaway will be randomly selected among eligible entries.

    The random draw will take place on December 24th. 10 winners will be selected and contacted by Kryptview to agree to the transmission of their SwissBorg app ID and/or email address to SwissBorg. Upon agreement, they will receive an airdrop in CHSB of a value of $25 each, transferred directly to their corresponding SwissBorg accounts. Prizes will be available on December 29th. Kryptview’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

    Kryptview and / or SwissBorg reserve the right at any time, in their sole and absolute discretion, to modify these quiz and giveaway terms & conditions without notice, including, but not limited to, canceling, extending, terminating or suspending them.

    Kryptview and / or SwissBorg reserve the right of final interpretation of these quiz and giveaway.

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