Kryptview’s Alpha Testing Feedback!

After an intense Alpha platform testing week, let’s step back and share some learnings from this crucial phase.


Kryptview is the 1st Research-To-Earn platform for cryptos, leveraging blockchain to reward researchers from its community. Thanks to a $650,000 funding raised in Pre-Seed, the team developed an Alpha platform that was tested from April 25th to May 2nd. Let’s dig into the results of this phase.

An impressive engagement from our alpha testers

First, we would like to thank all our alpha testers that demonstrated so much engagement. We never could have imagined what we lived together over the last week: days and nights of discussions on our Discord, and so many positive and constructive feedbacks.

This helped us identify and prioritize product and experience improvements, to make sure we deliver an exceptional Beta platform within a few weeks. We have also been really moved by the spirit of our community, driven by a strong sense of collective interest and mutual support.

Just so that everyone can seize what was achieved in only 7 days, here are a few metrics:

  • 1300+ researches posted, 80% of them having been validated by the community
  • 7800+ reviews performed by the community
  • 26+ researches posted per user, and 133+ reviews per user
  • 426 tokens researched in total, with an average of 2.5 research per token

This means that in one week, our testing community managed to research close to 3% of existing tokens on the market. Can you just imagine what we will be able to achieve (and how fast) once the platform will be live?

We have been pleased to see that our testing community members turned out to be very addictive to the platform. Given their strong engagement, they reached incredibly fast high ranks in our Reward model. The top 20 contributors finished the testing with the following ranks: 5 Master III, 3 Master II and 11 Expert III.

Outstanding net promoter score of 9.45/10

Overall, our testers praised the platform, granting us a 9.45/10 Net Promoter Score and thus confirming the product/market fit. They emphasized three key positive points: the platform is at the same time very educational, user-friendly and addictive.

1/ Educational purpose

“On Kryptview, you learn at the same time as you do research, and get to know new projects when reviewing.”

“Before I knew the site, there were parameters that I did not take into account. Like the number of women in the team. The impact on the environment. Charities. The academic level of the teams.”

“I also did research on one of my investments, realized it is actually super average, and decided to sell my entire bag. So this helped me a lot already.”

“The Kryptview Alpha testing opened several doors of possibilities to me. I have different orientation about cryptocurrency at large and also understand that one can look up to Kryptview to prevent falling prey to scam projects.”

2/ User-friendly interface

“Generally I liked the platform and the efforts you guys did for it to be ergonomic and easy to take a grip on”

“I found it very easy to understand how the site works. The design is pleasant and really helps us learn more.”

“The website UI/UX is great. The home tab is enticing with the addition of the leaderboard, rewards and ranking profile, portfolio profile, i like the search, and the token page gives one a serious overview of a token. I think am in love with the platform.”

3/ Gamified research with Rewards

“I liked the rank system that encourages you to review and rate others.”

“Moreover I like the concept which I see as very cool because of its decentralized aspect and because of the incentive that there is for people to contribute which will ensure a great quality of work.”

“So far this platform is awesome, I am already addicted to research about projects and check out others researches.”

This testing phase also confirmed the international potential of Kryptview, with 40+nationalities represented amongst our testers: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, the US, etc.

Next step: the Beta platform!

We have already started implementing the feedbacks we received, to be ready for our Beta release in the end of May. Here are the key improvement points we will focus on over the next weeks:

  • UX-UI optimizations, in particular for the Research Wizzard & Review process
  • Adaptations on the Rewards & Ranking parameters
  • Correction of minor bugs

We will also integrate in our 2022 product roadmap some very interesting suggestions we received: for instance, integrating various wallets, or enabling the research of very early-stage projects that haven’t launched yet.

PS1: now you want to know more about our Tokenomics, Roadmap or Reward system? Our whitepaper will be released very soon, stay tuned!

PS2: we will give out Whitelist Spots in our Discord, Twitter and Telegram!

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