Meet the Kryptview team!

After talking extensively about the projectpresenting our advisors, and inviting a crypto learner on our scene… it’s about time we’d introduce ourselves to you!

Today you’re finally meeting the Kryptview team! And in turn, we can’t wait to meet you!

The team members

Mel is the typical example of a passionate community member who became a crucial part of the project team. With an expert background in industrial design, he wanted to dedicate his skills in 3D modeling to his passion for crypto. That’s how he became Kryptview’s 3D artist, relentlessly creating NFTs and other essential 3D designs for the brand!

Jon is our self-taught master in graphic design. Any visual featured on our communication channels, that’s him and his talent behind! The good point of not having any formal technical education? This state of mind of his: nothing is virtually impossible. His creative drive and eagerness to continually learn have become fundamental assets for Kryptview’s identity!

Selin has an atypical career path, to say the least. PhD graduate in neuroscience, she’s a swiss-knife professional driven by perpetual learning, growth and the beauty of human minds & interactions. One couldn’t dream of a more perfect mix to take on the role of Head of Growth & Community!

What would a Web3 project be without its CTO? Antoine gave birth to the platform, leading its technological development since the earliest days. Always finding a solution to the community’s needs in terms of services & functionalities, his exemplary consistency and infaillible strength make him the dream lead dev of a project!

Adeline is our general counsel, former court-appointed administrator. She speaks that tricky language very few people understand, and all the more… she masters it brilliantly! Needless to say that regulatory issues are a nightmare to deal with when building a crypto startup, and an immense pitfall. With her impressive rigor and professionalism, we know we’re covered… and the road is cleared for success!

The prequel

Our cofounders Samy Nadi and Floran Sarrano both come from traditional finance. How did they come up with Kryptview? Here’s the little story.

After more than 10 years working at the head of investment at AXA, they decided time had come for their own adventure. They had extensive experience and a detailed comprehension of financial mechanisms. They saw not only the potential of crypto… but also the huge mess it was.

So they decided to do their bit: what if we could truly embrace decentralization and make the community’s opinion about tokens finally clear and available to anyone? Making the space cleaner by enabling true data-driven decisions… The dream of Kryptview was born!

Add to it a sweet guilty passion for gaming and the concept of Research-to-Earn arose, which serves both to reward contributors and ensure the quality of the published data!

(1) Structured DYOR (Do Your Own Research)
(2) Community-driven token scoring platform
(3) Research-to-Earn

The idea bloomed and Kryptview was incorporated in France in October 2021!

Meet your cofounders

Formerly investment director at AXA, Floran is the real positive driving force of the team. His immense knowledge in traditional finance and corporations makes him a terrific COO, leveraging his rigor and evergreen rationalization ability to establish a rock-solid business structure for the company. Firm believer in collective intelligence and its formidable value, his unimpeachable objectivity is vital in the healthy leadership of Kryptview!

Ex Chief of Staff of the CIO at AXA, Samy is the genius brain behind the project. Not only does he have more ideas than 1000 lives could possibly accommodate, but he also accomplishes in an hour the objectives of a full regular job day. His razor-sharp understanding of financial systems and tremendous knowledge in economics bestow him a true vision for the future of crypto… which he infuses into Kryptview: the rare viable alliance of mindblowing innovation and wise realism.

That’s us, very nice to meet you! We’re not going to the Moon. Only to 2050. So… are you joining?

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