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Opening of the Kryptview Research Bounties!

We are proud to announce the opening of the Kryptview Research Bounties!

How to participate?

Our first Research Bounty partner is Ternoa! So go now discover the project and score or review $CAPS on the Kryptview app! Only until Dec 14th 8am UTC!

Why Research Bounties?

By definition, Kryptviewers are fond of discovering new tokens. Sometimes they know what to DYOR… and sometimes a bit of inspiration would be most welcome!

On the other side, as a transparent tool to gather the community’s opinion about tokens, it is our mission to help projects understand how they are perceived by the audience. We commend token issuer teams who reach out to us in order to collect structured and quantified data, asking Kryptview to help them improve their fundamentals, and how they communicate with their community.

It’s with such mindful players on both sides that we will keep building a healthier crypto space!

What is a Research Bounty?

Partner tokens will be highlighted on the platform for a period of 5 days under the “Kryptview Hot Topics” section. As a contributor, scoring those tokens or peer-reviewing other contributors’ scorings during this time frame will grant you TRIPLE the experience points! Take those welcome boosts to climb the ranks and qualify for even more Kryptview Beta Season 1 rewards!

The heavy DYOR season has kicked off! Don’t hesitate to refer to our Getting Started Guide for a detailed explanation of how to score a token! And learn more about Kryptview here.

To $CAPS on Kryptview!

You are a token issuer and curious to learn more about the Kryptview Research Bounties? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Visit the app & follow us on our socials to stay informed about Kryptview!