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What is Research-to-Earn? – The solution to curate collective intelligence

Kryptview is the first Research-to-Earn platform. Sounds fancy… but what does that really mean? Research-to-Earn means that users are rewarded for their analysis on tokens (also called DYOR, for Do Your Own Research). Let’s deep dive into the system that makes the first decentralized crypto data repository possible, reflecting in a clear and structured way the opinion of the community.

Scoring system

The dream of building a community-driven crypto scoring platform does sound appealing, but can anybody just publish their subjective rating? It’s a legitimate question to ask: no way to keep a good quality of the data, you’d say. Actually, it’s a bit more thorough (and complicated!) than that… Here’s how our token rating system works.

Kryptview token rating system

Be reassured, contributors do not arbitrarily attribute a score. In fact, they give absolutely no direct rating themselves: all is done through our Scoring Wizard and an automated algorithm for objective data integration.

Kryptview’s crypto rating system computes the score from the integration of:

The computed final score is published, ranging between Junk I and Strong III. As a result, each scoring evolves according to the actualization of the token’s state (automated update based on real-time market data) and the project’s health (modification and/or addition to the pool of contributions)!

Points system

Each contribution on the platform yields experience points (XP). The number of points earned depends on the complexity of the task completed. For example, a contributor can score one block about a token on the Scoring Wizard, score all 6 blocks, share a virtual portfolio…

If the contribution is of good quality, the user wins positive XP. On the contrary, if his scoring is rejected, or his review in disagreement with the community consensus, he receives negative XP.

Ranking system

The amount of XP collected by a contributor directly grants him a rank. From Bronze to Master, there are 3 sub-levels; then the ultimate rank is Elite. A higher rank confers several perks, spanning from better visibility for social engagement to increased rewards.

Kryptview Research-to-Earn rank badges

The higher the rank:

  • the more visible the contributions on the platform (spot on the leaderboard, comments and opinions have higher probability to be displayed)
  • the higher the weigh in the peer-reviewing process
  • the lower the number of minimal reviews for a validated scoring to be published
  • the easier to earn rewards.

This ranking system, granting in the community consensus more trust and weigh to experienced contributors who already proved their expertise, safeguards the quality of the data published on the platform. It also ensures the ongoing balance of contributor’s rankings.

Reward system

As contributors earn XP, they also earn reward points (RP). These RP are converted into $KVT every week, proportionally to their share of the global platform contributions over the period. In other words, every week after the value of their RP is converted to $KVT, every contributor’s RP amount is reset to 0 for another period (= a week), while XP keep accumulating for as long as the account exists.

In summary, contributors are rewarded for helping building the first repository of community-generated data on digital assets on a weekly basis!


That is how Research-to-Earn functions, as the central mechanism making a healthy curation of collective intelligence possible! Are you joining?

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