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Why Kryptview? – Time for a one-stop shop for crypto analysis

The genesis of the first one-stop shop platform for the fundamentals of crypto analysis.

A booming environment

Blockchain is transforming our economies and disrupting many sectors such as gaming and finance. Many entrepreneurs can now transform both the way they raise money and the way they interact with their customers and community members. Tokens are increasingly issued to raise cash to finance a project and/or to be used in the product or service developed. This way, companies from all over the world get fast funding and direct access to their customers, worldwide.

Welcome to the wild wild west!

Not all of it is beautiful though. Users can be confused when it comes to how to analyze a crypto. And for good reason! Innovation and promises also bring their load of problems: lack of transparency, scams, fragmentation of the information, complexity… Buying or investing in tokens today is a mess. Selecting tokens and monitoring them can become a nightmare and requires an enormous amount of time.

Closed communities prevail for crypto analysis

It can be very confusing to start in crypto. Which crypto to buy? Where to look for information? How to properly run the “Do Your Own Research” (or DYOR)? In a context where complexity and risks are everywhere, people tend to rely on their trusted personal networks to find new “gems” and discuss crypto analysis and transactions. This often represents a safer way to get into crypto, and a way to share the effort and work put into it.
We were no different.

We asked ourselves if this was all of it. We wondered if this new promising market would be a sum of closed personal networks secretly sharing insights and opportunities. Something that scarily resembles the way things are done in the traditional economy…

From personal networks to a global community

At Kryptview we believe that the more we are, the stronger we become. We wanted to create something bigger and more transparent. After many months of intense brainstorm and work, we came out with Kryptview. A one-stop-shop that allows people to score tokens, monitor their portfolios, and share their analysis with the community while being rewarded for doing so.


Kryptview offers all its community members the possibility to share their analysis on digital assets and earn while doing it. Our platform is a way for contributors to monetize these countless hours spent on project websites and telegram groups while benefiting from the collective efforts of other rigorous crypto lovers for spotting new gems.

We are opening our Beta on October 24th! Make sure to pass by to have a look at the platform!

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